Continuing Education

Auditing Courses

Alumni are able to audit undergraduate courses for a nominal fee. Contact the academic schools or colleges from which you graduated to learn more about courses offered each quarter, or the Office of Alumni Engagement for additional information at (206) 220-8443.

View our frequently asked questions. Download an Alumni Audit Application.

Library Access

SU alumni may check out books from the Lemiuex Library. Access to the catalog is available from the library's home page. If you have questions regarding how to search the catalog, contact the library reference desk staff at or 206-296-6230.

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Seminars

Alumni Seminars are open to SU alumni and other college graduates in the Seattle area who seek a high-quality learning experience, stimulating discussions of life's deeper questions, and the companionship of other active minds. Taught by senior members of the Arts and Sciences faculty and special guests, each quarter-long seminar examines a great theme or set of issues in human experience. The seminars fit the schedules of busy professionals as well as those with more leisure time. Participants meet on six weekday evenings per quarter (about twice per month) for 2 1/2 hours in a relaxed environment on campus. For more information visit the website or call 206-296-5300

Friends of the College of Arts and Sciences

Alumni may also be interested in other programming offered through the Friends of the College of Arts and Sciences. Designed specifically for the life-long learner, these programs include include provocative and lively discussions and presentations with political leaders, scholars and artists, as well as concerts, plays, literary readings and gallery openings. The membership fee benefits programs of the College of Arts and Sciences and entitles members to special invitations and member-only discounts to certain programs. To become a member, or for more information, please contact us.