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Seattle University


Policies for Admission, Readmission & Transfer to Seattle University. 

Admission to the University Policy (2004-2)

Primary policy for undergraduate and graduate admission to Seattle University.

Acceptance of credit and degrees from Unaccredited and Newly Accredited Colleges, and Non-Traditional Programs Policy(79-1)

Policy for information pertaining to the transferable nature of credits and degrees from unaccredited and newly accredited colleges, and non-traditional programs.

Admission Records Incomplete Documents Policy (76-7)

Policy requiring students to submit records of all previous schools attended as part of the application process. Anyone admitted and enrolled for whom it is later discovered that records of attendance at a previous institution have been withheld is subject to dismissal from the University without refund of tuition and fees.

School of New and Continuing Studies - Admissions Policy (2015-02)

Policy for admission to the School of New and Continuing Studies.

Performance Criteria for the School of New and Continuing Studies (2015-3)

Policy for progression, probation, and dismissal within the School of New and Continuing Studies.

Home Schooled Freshman Applicant Policy (2004-3)

Policy for admission of home schooled students to Seattle University.

Post-Baccalaureate Applicants Policy (94-2)

Policy for post-baccalaureate applicants (an applicant who has completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and who is seeking admission for additional undergraduate study which is intended to culminate in a second bachelor's degree, a certificate or the fulfillment of prerequisites for a particular Seattle University degree program.

Admission 3 Year Baccalaureate Degree (2004-4)

Policy for acceptance of 3 year baccalaureate degree for post-baccalaureate or graduate admission to Seattle University.

Undergraduate Grade Forgiveness Policy (77-6)

Policy for former students returning to Seattle University, whose previous academic performance at the University was below standard, to resume their studies without the encumbrance of their prior grades.





  • Jan 23-Feb 10- Advising Period: Spring & Summer 2017
  • Jan 29 - Last Day to Remove "I" Grade: Fall 2016
  • Feb 1 - Last Day to Apply for Graduation: Summer & Fall 2017
  • Feb 13 - Registration Begins: Spring 2017
  • More important dates