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Dean of Students

Think About It

Think About It is an interactive and informative online training program designed to promote a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone. Seattle University requires all new students to complete this as part of orientation.

What to Expect

Undergraduates will examine the interconnected issues of healthy relationships, substance use, and sexual misconduct through a variety of interactive scenarios and guided self-reflection. This program generally takes about 3 hours to complete.

Graduate and law students will focus on the promotion of healthy relationships and the prevention of sexual misconduct in both personal and professional life. University policies and procedures are clearly outlined. This training generally takes about 1 hour to complete.

The graduate student program might be more appropriate for some older undergraduates. If you're interested in changing your assignment please call the Office of the Dean of Students to discuss this personally.

The Requirement

Every new student registered for 1 or more credits is required to complete this training by the deadline at the top of each email they receive from Think About It. Those who don’t complete the training will have a Dean of Students hold placed on their account preventing registration for the following term.

This program is just one part of our commitment to preventing sexual misconduct and supporting survivors plus, it’s in alignment with guidance related to Title IX.

Lifting a Hold

If you did not complete your required course by the deadline and there is now a hold on your account getting it lifted is simple.

  • Complete the Think About It program you were assigned.
  • Email letting us know you've completed the requirement and would like to have your hold removed.

Once we receive this the Dean of Students office will remove your hold. This generally takes place within one business day. Please call (206) 296-6060 with questions about holds.

A Note About Inclusion

Seattle University is committed to providing Think About It as inclusively as possible. We have provided feedback to Think About It and are continually working to improve this program through ongoing updates. If you would like to discuss ideas, please contact Ryan Hamachek at (206) 296-2593.

Contact Us

This program is a partnership between the Dean of Students Office and Wellness and Health Promotion. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us directly at

Assignments / Due Dates / Holds

Hillary Sage, Administrative Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
(206) 296-6060

Program Content

Ryan Hamachek, Director, Wellness and Health Promotion
(206) 296-2593