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Rooted in Tradition, Growing Towards the Future: Seattle University at 125

2016-2017 Catholic Heritage Lectures

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Read more about what the ICTC has meant to Victoria, Nursing, class of 2017.

Oct. 20: Can Catholics be Pro-Choice?

Join Dr. Dan Dombrowski, SU Philosophy professor and author of “A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion,” and Stephanie Gray, a young, well-known Catholic pro-life apologist based in Vancouver, BC as they debate the issue.


Join presenters John McKay (former U.S. Attorney under the G.W. Bush administration) and Patty Bowman (former Director of Social Outreach and Advocacy at St. James Cathedral) to explore how Ignatian spirituality can help us navigate the tricky waters of politics with courage, integrity, humility and compassion.

Oct. 25: Seattle U @ 125 | From There to Here

Come hear Tom Lucas, SJ, university professor of Art and Art History and rector of the Arrupe Jesuit Community, lead us through a “fast-moving and visually engaging trek through Seattle University’s 125 year history.”


Nov. 8: Jesuits in the History of Science

Join us for lunch and conversation with David Boness, PhD, Chair of the Physics Department.

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