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International Development Internship Program


Through academic analysis, active participation, reflection and advocacy, students acquire knowledge and experience about development issues and learn the role and impact non-government organizations (NGO's) have in promoting sustainable country initiatives and people-centered development. Students experience a profound transformation in their attitudes towards the world by working with NGOs and with local populations that are striving to enhance equality and social justice in the political, social and economic systems of their homelands.

The goals of the International Development Internship Program and the Research for Development Graduate Program are:

  • to instill in students a deeper understanding of and a lifelong commitment to the Jesuit mission of service and promotion of social justice.
  • to promote global citizenship and demonstrates how students can influence their future, both professionally and personally, while simultaneously becoming a catalyst for change.
  • to develop a deep understanding of and lifelong commitment worldwide to the Jesuit mission of service and the promotion of justice.

By partnering with NGOs, Seattle University's International Development Internship Program and Research for Development Graduate Program challenge students to explore the root causes and consequences that undermine the well-being of people in the developing world.

We believe an experience combining academic and personal understanding of issues relating to development and social justice provides a more powerful transformational element and stronger continued commitment to these important issues.

The Albers Connection

The International Development Internship Program is an Albers program that is open to all juniors and seniors at Seattle University.

Learn more about Albers.