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Redhawk Axis

Welcome to the Redhawk Axis homepage, which combines the Office of Student Financial Services and the Office of the Registrar and Operations.

Redhawk Axis Resources      

-Academic Forms                -Money Mojo Course
-Academic Policies              -Net Price Calculator: Freshman 
-Financial Services Forms  -Net Price Calculator: Transfer 

In an effort to enhance the student experience, our offices have co-located our physical and virtual presence. As a combined force we will continue to provide great service and resources such as:

  • Academic Calendars
  • Class Registration
  • Degree Evaluation
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Accounts
  • Student Employment

We also provide FERPA training for students, produce quarterly room schedules, manage debt collections, and much more. Click these links If you are a department and need access to Schedule Planner.

To see a step-by-step guide to Student Provided Access click here

*NEW* Beginning Fall 2016, the Student Account Center will be used for billing and payment needs. 

Authorized third-party users can log into Student Account Center below. 

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Student Account Center

Beginning Fall 2016, the Student Account Center will be used for billing and payment needs. 




  • Oct 21- Last Day to Remove ā€œIā€ Grade: Spring & Summer 2016
  • Oct 24-10-Advising Period: Winter 2017 
  • Nov 1- Last Day to Apply for Graduation: Spring 2017
  • Nov 7- Last Day to Withdraw From Classes
  • More important dates